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Social workers, residents and families alike will find it refreshing to work with our experienced billing manager. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate prescription drug insurance. Jesse, and the Billing Team, will assist you along the way.


Galesville LTC Pharmacy accepts all Medicare Part D plans and most commercial drug plans. We mail out statements on a monthly cycle, billing for medications used the previous month. This ensures both accuracy and timeliness.  


We can help with transitions between payor sources, including Medicare A, Medicare D, and Medicaid. We will work with providers to ensure prior authorizations are completed and our pharmacists will offer alternative therapies when appropriate. Most importantly we will answer your questions and explain the charges on your statement. While we strive to get it right the first time, if you do have a question or concern about your statement, please call and ask us to double check.

Call now and ask to talk to a member of the Billing Team if you have a question or concern.





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