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pharmacy Students

Have you considered adding a long term care  pharmacy experience to your portfolio?


At Galesville LTC Pharmacy you will experience both the clinical and dispensing aspects of pharmacy practice servicing skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. We love teaching and look forward to engaging students in a world of healthcare that is often misunderstood and forgotten. Our partner facilities and providers welcome our students as their own. We look forward to tackling important projects together and improving the lives of our residents, as we mentor you on your journey to become a great pharmacist. 

Don't take it from us, read what other students are saying about our pharmacy, pharmacists, and the experience we provide! 


"The Galesville LTC Pharmacy is a Hidden Gem of the APPEs available to us as a forth year student. This site provides a great environment to work within a long term care setting and to see a pharmacist who is providing exemplary service to the nursing homes that she serves. I highly recommend this setting to future students."


Preceptors who enjoy teaching and believe in challenging students. 


Experience LTC technology with TCGRx Automated Tablet Packager with Lighted Tray Technology.


Workflow done right. You will experience Tech-Check-Tech, barcode product verification, remote consulting, among other things. We take pride in doing workflow right. 


The hands down best part about our job is the relationships we have with our facilities and providers. You will experience med passes, quality assurance meetings, rounds at the facility, and countless opportunities to answer drug questions.

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